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The Wellness Network was built with the similar concepts explained in the book "Wikinomics" - the 2007 business book of the year! A book that highlights and shares how Mass Collaboration is changing the world.

No longer do a few heads at the table make the decisions. Mass collaboration with online communities is changing the world. We believe that the Wellness Network Community can help change Nikken.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Still Going (and excited) after 17 Years!

Hi All,

I have been in Nikken for a long time and I think it is an amazing testimony if a person can be authentically more excited with what they are doing today, after 17 years - and that is exactly how I feel!

What has helped keep me on is path is the vision and belief Mr. Masuda's, Nikken's founder, installed in each of us - the idea of life through the Five Pillars of Health.

I love what Earl Nightingale said about the definition of success -the progressive realization of a worthy ideal! That is what I believe we have with Nikken and the vision of every home a Wellness Home - a worthy ideal!

To add to this, is the openness to continually connect to change and our society advancements. The truth is...the world is evolving - whether we like it or not.

The Wellness Network is another reason why I am more excited about our opportunity today with Nikken than just a few years ago. The Wellness Network is an open source, unique concept that has been created by people across the world. There is a willingness to explore and embrace new technology to enhance our abilities to communicate our visions and goals.

I recommend you check out the new Wellness Network website, updated again Sept 5th, 2008 - http://www.thewellnessnetwork.com/. Be sure to click on the Launch Pad and see who is launching - what an inspirational idea to see that we are not alone - that people around the globe are launching their Nikken business too....

I hope you like what you see and join me and everyone else in the Wellness Network Community to take Nikken into the next 17 years (and beyond)!

Michael DiMuccio
Royal Diamond

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