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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mid Month Events - Very Important for your Business!

What is the purpose of the DISCOVER IT. LIVE IT. Mid-Month Event? 

In short, BIG PICTURE. The Monthly Event is designed to mentally and emotionally ‘LOCK IN’ New Partners (C) who have already completed the Partnering Process. It is targeted at inspiring New Partners to choose to be ‘CORE Partners’, those who step up and commit to Launching their business. 

Along the path of developing a Royal Diamond Business, there will be numerous events that will ‘lock in’ your Partner’s belief, desire and inspire them to take their business to the next level.

The Mid-Month Event is likely to be the first key Municpal event where they meet the larger Community of Nikken Consultants who are very excited about the future and share their excitement publically.

Here what people have to say about their recent Mid-Month Events!

Listen to what people have to say:

Terry & I wanted to write and thank you for a phenomenal mid-month event.  We had 45+ guests at our house this past Friday night.  We had an incredible turn-out of our leaders, brand new consultants and individuals that wanted to see more about what we do.  Out of those new consultants several have now decided to invest in the "best" pack and the brand new guests are ALL coming on board. The information shared by Doug Braun was incredibly impactful as to the importance of what we are creating.  Being able to see that we are making a global impact with causes such as Walk Now for Autism just highlights to our team members our mission is far reaching and beyond us as individuals.  To be able to see communities across the globe celebrating together for our efforts in making every Home a Wellness Home spread the visibility to our team of our joint efforts. 

Thank you for all that you do!

Terry & Erin


Cathy, thank you for opening your home to all of us. It was a wonderful evening. It is a great venue to meet with people , exchange experiences, testimonials... "Non believers " can feel the energy that Nikken consultants have and the why behind it.




I thought the evening was inspiring and such a nice change to be in the company of like minded people in a relaxed atmosphere.  Talking with other consultants gave me ideas to work on.  I think this approach is a marvelous way of encouraging and inspiring people including giving guests the global impact of our mission.  When is our next one!


How to book your next Mid Month Event?

Go to the EVENTS link (or directly via  http://thewellnessnetwork.com/index.php?option=com_chronocontact&chronoformname=EVENTS&Itemid=63 ) on the Wellness Network site and register your upcoming Mid-Month Event. 

You can view how Cathy Dohmann registered hers last month under LOCATE MID-MONTH EVENTS. Promote this mechanism to your group.

And most important - have fun!!!!


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